How to catch broadcast flooding on MikroTik devices

It took somehow in one network to determine where the jumps of broadcast traffic are coming from, because of which the CPU usage was increasing on devices and there were interruptions with the Internet. The network equipment was used from MikroTik. Having connected to MikroTik with the following command, let’s look at the traffic statistics […]

Configuring Storm Control on Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224

In this article I will give an example of setting up broadcast and multicast control on the Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224 switch. Connect to the switch and go into the configuration mode: Select the ports on which you want to enable Storm Control: Turn on the control of broadcast traffic and specify a limit of […]

How to catch broadcast storms on FoxGate switches

First of all, let’s look at the statistics of active traffic on ports: Then we’ll look at the packet counters, especially pay attention to the BroadCast (pkts) column: For a specific port, we will execute the command to view the statistics of the network interface several times: And let’s pay attention to how the incoming […]