Firmware Update for D-Link DES-3200 Switches

On an example I will use several switches, DES-3200-10, DES-3200-26, DES-3200-28, DES-3200-28F, with different firmware and revisions.

First of all, download the new firmware from the official website of D-Link:
or FTP

It is necessary to look at which revision switch, for example A1, B1 or C1, etc. and under it to download the firmware. Put the downloaded archive with the firmware on the tftp server.

How to start a tftp server can be read in these articles:
Starting a TFTP server in Windows
Installing and Configuring a TFTP Server in Ubuntu

We connect to the switch via telnet, see information about free memory, files, what firmware is downloaded and what firmware is bootable:

show switch
show firmware information
show storage_media_info
show boot_file

The first step is the D-Link DES-3200 C1 with firmware 4.35.
Download the new firmware to the switch (where address of the tftp server):

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES3200R_4.37.B014.had dest_file DES3200R_4.37.B014.had

If the download does not work, then the firmware file on the TFTP server can be renamed to eg 1.had and run again:

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file 1.had dest_file 1.had

In case of a “Memory is insufficient!” Error, you need to update first to the intermediate firmware version, and then to the latest one. We also watch it on the link above. For example, when I stitched the DES-3200 C1 on 4.46, then the intermediate version was 4.38.000.

I also saved the DES3200R_4.38.B000.had firmware file here:

The result is the following list of commands:

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES3200R_4.38.B000.had dest_file DES3200R_4.38.B000.had
config firmware image DES3200R_4.38.B000.had boot_up
del c:/runtime.had
download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had dest_file DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had
config firmware image DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had boot_up
del c:/DES3200R_4.38.B000.had

If it does not work, then the problem is more likely with a tftp server or a firewall that can block access.
To check the availability of ip, you can ping directly from the switch:


At the time of firmware upgrade, it is not possible that the power to the switch has disappeared, otherwise it may not start.
When the firmware file is uploaded to the switch, we will make it active and reboot the switch:

config firmware image DES3200R_4.37.B014.had boot_up

The switch will boot with the new firmware version, the configuration in my case has not been changed.

Switch DES-3200-28F from version 4.46 to 4.48 I updated the firmware as follows:

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had dest_file DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had
config firmware image /c:/DES3200_Run_4_48_B003.had boot_up

Now by the D-Link DES-3200 A1 and D-Link DES-3200 B1 with firmware 1.85 (since the firmware for them is the same, then the commands are the same):

download firmware_fromTFTP DES-3200R_1.88.B001.had image_id 1
config firmware image_id 1 boot_up

After the firmware update settings are also left unchanged.

On D-Link switches, the DES-3200 B1 often noticed a spontaneous reset of the settings when power was lost, firmware upgrade did not help, so it was replaced with revision switches A1, C1.

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