Reset D-Link DES-3200

For the test, I will reset the settings and password of the D-Link DES-3200-10 A1 switch; for other DES-3200 models, the reset process is similar.

Connect to the switched off switch console cable.
Run the PuTTY program, select the serial, specify the speed 9600, click “Open”, a black window will open.
On Linux operating systems, you can use Minicom.
Connect the power to the switch, information about the switch should appear in the window, press Shift+6 several times until the recovery mode starts.

In recovery mode, you can run the following commands.

1) View information about existing accounts:

show account

2) Reset the password of the specified account:

reset password NAME

3) An example of deleting all accounts:

reset account

4) Reset configuration to factory:

reset config

5) After resetting your account or password, simply reboot:


On some versions you may need to save the default configuration before rebooting:


When the switch reboots, if all accounts have been deleted, to the question of entering the login and password, just press “Enter”.

See also my article:
Firmware Update D-Link DES-3200
Repairing the firmware of D-Link switches

Watch the video as I reset the D-Link DES-3200 configuration:

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  1. The only thing I can access is:
    Boot Configuration Menu
    Management Module MAC Address: C8-BE-19-B9-E6-00

    Image Option:[Create ]

    Image Path:[]

    Download Protocol:[zModem]
    Baud Rate:[115200]
    Runtime Image Information:
    No Valid Image

    (*) Boot up image
    Flash Free Space: 30328832 Byte(s).
    Apply ScanImages Reboot Format
    Help Information:
    Select the image by path which you want to operate.

  2. Dang.. Thought I was being smart and by entering shift-3 I got to format the dlink.

    Now I can’t access anything.. Help????

    How can I add the firmware/app to the DES-3200-28p through PUTTY?? Is there a way? Should I connect through rj-45 even without a ~software~ on it???

      1. Thank you very much.. I was able to upload the new firmware using 9600baud on Tera Term. ExtraPutty didn’t work as intended even if using 9600baud.

        Thanks to your tutorials for all the help it provides..