Reset D-Link DES-3200

For the test, I will reset the settings and password of the D-Link DES-3200-10 A1 switch; for other DES-3200 models, the reset process is similar.

Connect to the switched off switch console cable.
Run the PuTTY program, select the serial, specify the speed 9600, click “Open”, a black window will open.
On Linux operating systems, you can use Minicom.
Connect the power to the switch, information about the switch should appear in the window, press Shift+6 several times until the recovery mode starts.

In recovery mode, you can run the following commands.

1) View information about existing accounts:

show account

2) Reset the password of the specified account:

reset password NAME

3) An example of deleting all accounts:

reset account

4) Reset configuration to factory:

reset config

5) After resetting your account or password, simply reboot:


When the switch reboots, if all accounts have been deleted, to the question of entering the login and password, just press “Enter”.

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Watch the video as I reset the D-Link DES-3200 configuration:

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