Installing and using ClamAV antivirus

Clam AntiVirus — a package of antivirus software running on many operating systems.

The installation command in Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install clamav

Installation in CentOS:

yum -y install epel-release
yum -y update
yum clean all
yum -y install clamav clamd

For scanning, you can use the clamscan utility. Information about the launch can be read by typing the command:

info clamscan

I’ll give you an example of how to start scanning:

sudo clamscan -i -r /home

where -i means that only infected files will be displayed in the console, /home – the directory to be scanned, and -r that all subdirectories will be scanned.

An example of starting a scan with deleting detected threats:

sudo clamscan -i -r --remove /home

To update the ClamAV anti-virus databases, you must run the following command:

sudo freshclam

For ClamAV there is also a graphical interface – ClamTk.

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