Firmware Update D-Link DES-3528

Using an example, I will update the firmware of the D-Link DES-3528 switch.

To get started, download the latest firmware from the official forum

Unpack the downloaded archive and transfer the firmware files to the tftp server. How to start and configure a tftp server can be found in my articles:
Starting a TFTP server in Windows
Installing and Configuring a TFTP Server in Ubuntu

Connect to the switch via telnet or console and see the firmware information:

show firm info

If the bootloader is old, then it can be updated by executing the command (ATTENTION! Factory settings will be reset!):

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES-3528_Series_FW_v1.03.B013.had

Actually, the firmware itself can be downloaded to the switch with the following command (the settings will be saved after updating the firmware):

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file DES35xx_3.10.B052.had image_id 2

Let’s make the downloaded firmware the main one:

config firmware image_id 2 boot_up

Reboot the switch so that it starts with the new firmware:


That’s all.

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