Error codes for washing machines Zanussi

Recently I noticed an EH3 error on the Zanussi Lindo300 washing machine, which, as it turned out, appeared for a minute due to power surges caused by connecting electrical appliances that put a big load on the power grid.

For this reason, I will describe a complete list of possible errors:

E11 (water fill error during washing)
E12 (water fill error during drying)
E21 (water drain error)
E22 (error draining water during drying)
E31, E32, EZZ, E34 (inconsistency in the testimony of pressostats)
E41, E42, E43, E44, E45 (error blocking the hatch)
E51 (error of the triac controlling the drive motor)
E52 (tachogenerator error)
E53 (engine control system error on the electronic controller)
E54 (error of one of the relays on the electronic controller)
E61 (slight heating of the water in the tank)
E62 (water temperature in the CM tank is above normal)
E63 (mild heat during drying)
E64 (very high temperature during drying)
E66 (error relay TENA)
E71 (washing temperature sensor defective)
E72, E73 (drying temperature sensor error)
E84, E85 (malfunction of the triac controlling the circulation pump)
E91 (communication error between the electronic controller and the display unit)
E93 (configuration error)
E94 (configuration error)
EB1 (problems with the frequency of the mains)
EB2 (high voltage)
EB3 (low voltage)
EF1 (clogged drain filter)
EF2 (a lot of detergent)
ЕH1 (problems with the frequency of the mains supply)
ЕH2 (high voltage)
EH3 (low voltage)

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