Fn function keys on a laptop work the other way around

Usually, to extend the functionality, there is a special Fn key on laptop keyboards. If you hold it and press keys, for example, from F1 to F12, then they will perform completely different functions, change the screen brightness, volume level, put the system into sleep mode, turn off/on the Wi-Fi adapter, etc. But in my […]

How to delete a Facebook account?

The first easy way to delete an account on Facebook is to follow the link https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account, click on the button “Delete my account”, in the next window that appears enter the password from the page, the symbols with the CAPTCHA and click “OK”. If everything is entered correctly, a message will appear with the text […]

Facebook blocks users after registration

Once used the social network Facebook, deleted the account and a year later, maybe a little more, decided to re-register. It was around December 2017. After the registration, I added one photo, Facebook offered to add friends. In the list of suggested friends, I added a couple of friends, and on several unknown people I […]

Troubleshooting in Thunderbird “The IMAP server does not support the selected authentication method”

I will share information on this issue that has arisen from me. I noticed recently on one of the computers that the mail stopped loading in Mozilla Thunderbird and the following message was displayed: The IMAP server “…” does not support the selected authentication method. Please change the “Authentication Method” in “Account Settings | Server […]

How to make a bootable USB flash drive using UltraISO

I’ll describe the process of creating a bootable USB flash drive with Windows using UltraISO: 1) Start UltraISO, select the required ISO image of the operating system by clicking the menu “File”> “Open”. 2) We connect the USB flash drive to the computer, in UltraISO we open the menu “Bootable”> “Write Disk Image …”. There […]

The solution of the error “There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font”

Faced somehow with a mistake: There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font. In my case, the error occurred when you set a document to print in Microsoft Word 2010 on Windows 10. And from the browser and other programs to print documents started. What I did not try to […]

How to delete profile bigmir)net

On the test, I delete the profile from bigmir.net and I will describe the deletion process: 1) We will enter the profile https://passport.bigmir.net using your login and password. 2) In the profile settings on the right, select “Delete profile” and enter twice the password to confirm the deletion.Direct link to delete – https://passport.bigmir.net/remove/ After that, all […]