How to remove Couchsurfing account

In the test, I deactivate the account on, since unfortunately it is impossible to completely delete it at this moment, as reported on the official website in the support center :(

First of all, log into your account and click on the right of the account icon and select “Account & Settings”.
Next, at the very bottom, select “Deactivate My Account”.

The following text appeared to me:

Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?
Deactivating your account will completely hide your profile and you will no longer receive emails from Couchsurfing.
You can always reactivate your account later if you want to come back.

To continue, I clicked the “Deactivate” button, logged out and just opened the main page of the site.

This completes the deactivation, the page should not be visible in the search, and it can be activated in the future.

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