Solution of error CMOS Battery Low

Different BIOS can give an error in different ways, here are a few options:
CMOS Battery Low
CMOS battery failed
State Battery CMOS Low
CMOS Battery Has Failed
System battery is dead
CMOS Battery State Low

An error is displayed when the computer is turned on and indicates that the battery needed to store BIOS settings is empty.

The solution is to replace the battery. It is also possible to clean the contacts. To do this, you need to remove the battery from the motherboard, check if there are dust on the contacts, if there is a tester, then measure its voltage, it should usually be no lower than 3 volts.

How to Delete an AliExpress Account

To delete an account on AliExpress, you need to enter into it by entering your login and password, then open “Profile Settings” and on the left in the menu select “Change Settings”.
In the window that opens, click “Deactivate Account”.

Then enter your email in the line “Enter your username:”, type “Deactivate my account” below, then specify the reason for deactivation and click “Deactivate my account”.

After that, the account will be inactive, but you can reactivate it if you want.

How to make a bootable USB flash drive with CentOS

I will describe the actions that must be performed to make a bootable USB flash drive with CentOS:

1) Download the image of CentOS (namely LiveCD, looking for it usually under the buttons in “via Torrent”) from the official site
Old versions can be downloaded for example here (in isos folders)

2) Download Universal USB Installer

3) We connect the USB flash drive to the computer and run the Universal USB Installer. In it, we agree with the license agreement by clicking “I Agree“, in the second window where:
Step 1:” choose “CentOS“,
Step 2” click “Browse” and point to the downloaded iso-image CentOS.
Step 3:” select the letter of the flash drive, tick the “Format” (this will re-partition the file system table and erase all the data on the USB flash drive).

4) Click “Create” and we are waiting for the completion of the process.

How to delete an Instagram account

It took somehow to delete the account in Instagram.
I went to Instagram with a login and password, clicked on the right at the top of the account name, then chose “EDIT PROFILE” and at the very bottom there was a link “Temporarily block my account”, which does not delete, but only blocks it with the possibility of recovery in the future, here’s a direct link to the lock

But you do not need to block it, but completely delete it, so you can find the link to delete below in the “CONFIDENTIALITY”. Go to which you need to specify the reason for the deletion and confirm the deletion.
Actually here is a direct link to delete the account in Instagram so do not search –

The solution to the error “0x80070005 – Access is denied”

Installed somehow Visual C++ for Visual Studio 2013 (vcredist_x86, vcredist_x64) and noticed the error “0x80070005 – Access is denied”.

In my case, this error occurred because the ESET NOD32 Smart Security antivirus blocked access to some files and directories in the system.
Its disconnection did not give a result, so a quick solution to the problem was the removal of the antivirus, after which the error ceased to be displayed.


What is the difference between QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, HD1, D1?

The higher the resolution of the recording, the clearer and better the video quality.
16CIF – (1.6 Mp, 1408 × 1152)
4CIF (D1) – (0.4 Mp, 704х576 – PAL and 704×480 – NTSC)
2CIF (HD1 or Half D1) – (0.2 Mp, 704×288 – PAL and 704×240 – NTSC)
CIF (Common Intermediate Format) – (0.1 Mp, 352×288 – PAL and 352×240 – NTSC)
QCIF – (0.03 Mp, 176×144 for PAL and 176×120 – NTSC)
SQCIF – (0.01 Mp, 128 × 96)