How to remove an IP address from email blacklists

Once I had to remove from the blacklists IP addresses of different dedicated servers located in data centers, since some mail services did not receive emails from them, due to the fact that the previous tenant did not use the IP address honestly or had viruses, spammed, and the current one got locks.

First of all, I recommend setting up SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
And also check for blocking for example with these services:

Further, I will describe how I contacted mail services and how quickly they unblocked (the IP addresses I requested to unblock, did not send spam for many years, but sent the previous owner of the IP address).

ivmSIP24 (deleted within an hour)
Request to delete by reference (answered in an hour that they unblocked) (deleted within an hour)
The request to remove from the blacklist can be sent via the link

You can contact the support link

I wrote an email on blockedbyearthlink @ with the subject Blocked, deleted from the list in two minutes, they said that the records will be updated within 24 hours.
The official instructions here are

I wrote on abuse_rbl @, received an auto-response that the appeal is considered and the link in the message, if success is removed from the black list within 24-48 hours

MSN (,,,,
Unblocked, but the letters began to arrive in the spam folder, the support responded that this behavior is based on users voting on spam, if the spam will not arrive for some time, the letters will no longer fall into the spam folder.
Contact form –
Services –

MegaRBL (
I wrote through the form on the site (registration is needed) – removed from the list the next day. (
I wrote on abuse@

Verizon / Yahoo (whitelist application) (Apple) (example



The mail server returned an email with a delivery error and the message “refused to talk to me”, and a contact email was written next to it for clarification. I wrote a message to it and they replied to me on the same day that they reset the reputation for the IP address and that the changes will be applied within 24 hours.

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