How to save photo from Instagram

Here are a few options for saving photos from Instagram.

1) On devices with iOS and Android:
In the application, you need to click “…” under the photo, select “Copy Share URL” or “Share” and send the link somewhere, then open any browser, such as Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, etc. ., paste the link into the address bar of the browser.
Now you can save the picture using the browser, usually clicking and holding on the photo until a menu appears in which we select “Save photo …”.

2) On the computer:
We’ll go to and go to your account or open the public profile, where we will choose the right photo. Next, in the browser menu, select “Page source” (usually also opens when you press Ctrl+U), and in the code we will find a direct link to the photo, it usually ends with .jpg, select it and open in a new window, it should open the image itself by which we right-click and select “Save As…”.

3) You can also save photos from Instagram using third-party applications with a save function, such as Instasave or Phonegram.

See also an example in the video:

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