D-Link DWL-2100AP Firmware Update

First, go to the web interface of the access point and look at the “Status” tab of the firmware version.
The default login is admin without a password.

Next, open the directory on the D-Link FTP server, where firmware for the DWL-2100AP is stored
If there are newer versions, then download it to your computer.

In the web interface of the access point, open the tab “Tools” – “Firmware”, opposite the “Update File” click the “Browse” button, select the previously downloaded firmware and click “OK”. The firmware will be loaded into the internal memory of the access point and the “Tools” – “System” tab will automatically open, after which you must click the “Restart” button.
After clicking, the access point will restart and will work on the new firmware.

When I updated the firmware, the settings were not reset to default.


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