Setup Mikrotik as a Wi-Fi repeater

On the test I will use two Mikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD routers.

1) Suppose the first is standardly configured, in it we only additionally enable WDS.
To do this, select “Wireles” from the menu – the “WDS” tab and where “WDS mode:” we will indicate “dynamic”.

2) On the second router, we will reset the settings, create a bridge that will combine Wi-Fi and LAN ports.
In the menu, select “Wireless” – the tab “Security Profiles” and enter the parameters in the same way as on the first router.

Further “Wireless” – the “WDS” tab:
WDS Mode: dynamic
WDS Default Bridge: a bridge combining LAN ports and Wi-Fi

Then in the same place in the “Wireless” menu in the “Interfaces” tab, select the Wlan interface and in the window that opens, in the “Wireless” tab, specify the parameters:
Mode: station wds
SSID: as in the first router
Security Profile: previously created profile similar to the profile on the first router


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  1. there are no WDS tab… the author probably used a very old version of the MT firmware or something…