On the test, I will update the firmware in the Dahua 5108 DVR.

The standard IP address of the Dahua 5108 DVR is usually, so to enter it you must manually register the IP address of the computer, for example

I had a DVR with firmware 2.616.0001.0, Build Date: 2013-08-22

Updated by this version:

The main thing is that it should not be older than the one installed in the DVR, this can be seen by the version and the date of its release in the web interface.
This firmware is also suitable for DVR5108C, DVR5108H, DVR5108HE, DVR5208A, DVR5408, DVR5808 models.

Another firmware:

Open the WEB interface of the DVR and go to the “System” – “Update” menu.
Click “Browse …”, select the downloaded firmware and click “Upgrade” to start the update process.
When flashing firmware, you cannot turn off the power of the DVR.

The update process lasted about 5 minutes, the settings did not reset, the admin user password was reset to standard admin, I updated the firmware remotely.

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