Dahua IPC-K35 Firmware Update

On the test, I will update the firmware of the IP camera Dahua IPC-K35.

First you need to open the web interface of the camera and see the current version of the firmware, to do this, select the tab “Settings”, on the left menu “Information” – “Version”.
I have an old version 2.400.0001.14.R, Build Date: 2017-07-20.
The default IP address of the camera is, and the login and password are “admin”.

New versions can be downloaded from the official website:

I also saved version 2.460.0000.16.R.20180109:

If there is a newer firmware version, then proceed to the update, in the web interface of the device, open the Settings tab, on the left in the System menu – Update.
Press the “Select” button, select the new firmware file unpacked from the archive and press the “Update” button, the update will last about 5 minutes, during this period you should not turn off the power of the device.

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  1. Hi, do you know how to find out exactly my own cameras type ?
    On bottom label there is D-VC-IP-KU-2.0/2.7-12 and PN: written on to.
    Because of MAC-Address I found out it is Dahua, but I do not find exact firmware.

    Thanks for help in advance