List of network protocols and ports

I will give a small list of some popular network protocols, the ports that they use and their brief description:

ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol
20/tcp FTP (File Transfer Protocol, data port)
21/tcp FTP (File Transfer Protocol, connection control port)
22/tcp SSH (Secure Shell, for remote login)
23/tcp Telnet protocol
25/ tcp SMTP without encryption (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
53/tcp/udp DNS (Domain Name Server)
67/udp DHCP Server
68/udp DHCP Client
69/tcp/udp TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
80/tcp HTTP (World Wide Web)
109/tcp/udp POP2 (Post Office Protocol Version 2)
110/tcp/udp POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3)
123/udp NTP (Network Time Protocol)
137/TCP,UDP NETBIOS-NS (NetBIOS Name Service)
138/TCP,UDP NETBIOS-DGM (NetBIOS Datagram Service)
139/TCP,UDP NETBIOS-SSN (NetBIOS Session Service)
143/TCP,UDP IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol, to receive and synchronize email)
161/udp SNMP (Simple Network Menagment Protocol)
179/tcp BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
194/TCP,UDP IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
443/tcp SSL (Secure Socket Layer, шифрованный HTTP)
514/UDP Syslog
554/TCP,UDP RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)
587/TCP (Message Submission for Mail) SMTP with encryption
993/TCP IMAPS with encryption
995/TCP POP3S (POP3 with encryption)
1234/UDP IPTV, streaming video
1812/TCP,UDP radius, RADIUS authentication protocol
1813/TCP,UDP radacct, RADIUS accounting protocol
1900/udp Universal Plug and Play uPnP
2083/TCP CPanel, web SSL
2087/TCP WHM (WebHost Manager, web SSL)
2828/tcp Universal Plug and Play uPnP
5060/TCP,UDP SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
5061/TCP SIP over TLS (Session Initiation Protocol)
5190/TCP ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger
5678/udp MikroTik Neighbor Discovery
5938/TCP,UDP TeamViewer
8080/tcp HTTP Web proxy
8291/tcp MikroTik Winbox
10050/TCP,UDP Zabbix-Agent
10051/TCP,UDP Zabbix-Trapper/Server

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