Description of VLAN Types in Huawei OLT

In Huawei OLT, there are several types of VLAN, briefly describe them:

1) Standard VLAN
Ethernet ports in the Standard VLAN see each other, Ethernet ports of different VLANs are isolated from each other. Standard VLAN cannot be used for ONU service-port.

2) Smart VLAN
Smart VLAN can have many service ports that are isolated from one another in one VLAN, service ports in different VLANs are also isolated from each other. This type I usually use when setting up Huawei OLT.

One MUX VLAN can only contain one service port. service ports in different MUX VLANs are isolated from each other.

4) Super VLAN
Super VLAN is based on the 3 level, contains the subvlans (mux or smart), which can interact via arp-proxy.

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