DiskSpd. Windows IOPS Test

DiskSpd is a utility for generating a load on a disk system and measuring its performance.

Download DiskSpd can be on the links:

After downloading, we place the exe utility file in any directory and run the test from the command line, for example:

C:\diskspd\diskspd.exe -b8K -d30 -o4 -t8 -h -r -w25 -L -Z1G -c20G C:\diskspd\iotest.dat > DiskSpeedResults.txt

When the test is completed, the results will be written to the DiskSpeedResults.txt file, and iotest.dat can be deleted:

del C:\diskspd\iotest.dat

I will describe some of the launch options:

-b (block size, can be specified as K/M/G, for example, -b8K means block size is 8 KB).
-d (test duration in seconds).
-o (queue depth)
-t (threads, worker threads for the target test file).
-h (disabling software caching at the operating system level and hardware write caching).
-r (random test, if not specified, it will be sequential).
-w (write percent, for example -w25 means 25% write and 75% read).
-Z (the size of the buffer of the recording source of the test load, specified as K/M/G. Used to provide random data for recording.
-L (receive information about the delay during the test).
-c (specifying the size of the file to be created for the test, for example -c20G means that iotest.dat file will be created with a size of 20GB).

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