Enable or disable Hibernate mode in Windows

I will give an example on Windows 10, on other versions it is essentially the same.
First, open the command line (cmd) on behalf of the administrator and see what modes are currently supported, and whether the Hibernate mode is supported:

powercfg –a

If supported, then to enable it, execute the command:

powercfg /h on

You can turn off Hibernation mode as follows:

powercfg /h off

To add the Hibernation Mode option in the Start menu, open the Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options, on the left, select “Choose what the power buttons do”, in the opened “System Settings” window, click “Change parameters that are not available now”, tick the “Mode hibernate “and click” Save Changes. ”


Power parameters can also be opened with the command:


By the way, you can generate a report on the diagnosis of energy efficiency:

powercfg -energy -duration 60 -output D:\energy-report.html

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