Firmware Update DST-02S

I got the firmware by contacting Spec-TV technical support at the numbers indicated on the official website

You can also download from the links below.

The information from eProgrammer before the firmware, I displayed the following:

‘mTun_01 Rev1’
Board Id=0x00000011 №0.48 Boot v1.5

Information after updating the firmware:

‘mTun_01 Rev1’
Board Id=0x00000011 №0.48 Boot v1.5

Before updating the firmware, you can make a backup copy of the configuration, in case you have to return to the old firmware, the configuration will not work for the new one, you will need to perform all the settings again.

First of all, run eProgrammer and flash the file Dst02S_v3_36.stvfw

We will wait for the update process to complete and restart the device.
When you turn on, you need to hold the IP button for about 5 seconds, after which we type in the browser the IP address of the device (standard
A special page will open, on which we will update the second file dataDstS_H50A_BISS.bin.

Upon completion, I received a message:

Upload complete. Please reboot.

After which we will restart the device and the update process is completed, you can proceed with the configuration.

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