How to set up a VPN connection in Windows 8

I will describe the points how to configure a VPN connection in Windows 8:

1) Open the Control Panel, for this, for example, in the start menu, click “All Applications” and select “Control Panel” there.

2) In the Control Panel, select “Network and Internet” – “Network and Sharing Center”, then on the left “Change adapter settings”.

3) In the window that opens, select “Connect to the workplace”.

4) In the next window, select “Set up a new connection or network” – “Connect to a workplace” – “Use my Internet connection (VPN)”.

5) In the next window, specify the address of the VPN server and optionally the name of the connection or leave it standard.

6) Let’s go back to the section “Change adapter settings”, there we will have a new VPN connection just created, double-click it with the mouse button and enter the login and password in the window that opens, and then click “Connect”. If you need to additionally specify, for example, security parameters in the connection, then right-click on it to select “Properties” and go to the “Security” tab, after making the changes, click “OK”.


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