Firmware Upgrade Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224

I will describe the process of updating the firmware on Alcatel OmniStack LS 6224.

Let’s connect to the device and switch to the mode of elevated privileges:


See the current firmware version:

show version

We look at what firmware versions are downloaded and what is active:

show bootvar

See how much memory is free:


Run the command to copy the firmware file from the TFTP server to the switch:

copy tftp:// image-2

I had an active firmware image-1, so I saved a new one like image-2.
I used the firmware version

Let’s make an active uploaded firmware:

boot system image-2
show bootvar

We reboot the switch:


After reboot, the switch will boot with the new firmware.

If necessary, the firmware file can also be copied from the switch to TFTP:

copy image-1 tftp://

How to start the TFTP server I described in these articles:
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