Foscam FI9821W V2.1 Firmware Upgrade

I updated the firmware on several Foscam FI9821W V2.1 cameras on which there was such firmware version:
System Firmware Version:
Application Firmware Version:
Plug-In Version:

The camera receives an IP address via DHCP both via cable and Wi-Fi, so you can find out its IP in the router menu or on the same network as the camera by running the IP Camera Search Tool utility:

The standard login admin without a password, the first time you connect it, you must change it and specify a new password.

Before the process of firmware download the archive with the firmware from here:

You can also see if there are newer firmware versions on the official site:

And so, open the web-interface of the camera by typing its IP-address in the browser.
Let’s see the firmware version on the first tab “Status“.

Next, open “System” – “System Upgrade“, click “Browse“, select the firmware file and click “System Upgrade” to start the upgrade process.
If the firmware in the camera is very old, as in my case, then it is necessary to update first the intermediate firmware (it is also in the archive in the directory “Older firmware V2.x.2.18” link above), and it is updated by two files, first Step1, later Step2.
Then you can sew the newest when I sewed it was FosIPC_B_app_ver2.x.2.23.

That’s all, after the camera firmware settings are not reset, I updated the firmware remotely.

Watch my video:

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