UBNT with firmware 6.0 stop working

I once treated Ubiquiti Networks airMAX® M Series devices with firmware 5+ from the exploit and updated the firmware to the latest, at that time it was the version of XM 6.0 and XW 6.0.
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In the 6.0 firmware, the vulnerability was removed through which the exploit was accessed, but there were other bugs.

Literally a couple of weeks later I noticed that there are no connected stations on some bridges in the Access Point (AP) mode, power was lost from the station, the station was booted and connected to the AP, but the AP did not show the connected stations and the traffic did not pass, it’s just and there is a bug.

Solve the problem by restarting the AP, in the future, if the power supply was lost again on the station or it was reboot, there was a high probability of a repetition of this problem.

Fortunately, this problem was later eliminated in new firmware, I did not exactly look at which version, but on devices with firmware 6.1+ it was no longer observed.

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