General TFTP Phonebook for IP Phones

It took one day to make a shared phone book for a large number of Grandstream IP phones.

The file name should be phonebook.xml

I will give an example of the content (you can fit everything on one line, for example, as I indicated the second contact):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Contact> <LastName/> <FirstName>IXNFO.COM</FirstName> <Phone> <phonenumber>202</phonenumber> <accountindex>1</accountindex> <downloaded>1</downloaded> </Phone> <Groups> <groupid>2</groupid> </Groups> </Contact>

We place this phonebook.xml file on the tftp server and specify the tftp IP address in the IP phone settings, the period of time after which the IP phone must verify information and other parameters, after which we reboot the phone to speed up the process, the phone book usually loads after startup. You can also manually import the phonebook.xml file into the IP phone via its web-panel and make sure that the contacts appear in the phone book.
That’s it, now if you edit the phone book file on a tftp server – then it will automatically load into all IP phones.

How to start the TFTP server, see in my articles:
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