I will give examples of some commands for H3C switches.

An example of obtaining help on commands:

command subcommand ?

Switch to elevated privilege mode:


Setting up sending messages to syslog server:

info-center enable
info-center loghost channel loghost facility local5
info-center source default channel loghost debug state off log state off trap state off
info-center source default channel loghost log level warning state on
(emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, informational and debug)

Information display:

display interfaces
display connections
display current-configuration
display ip
display local-server
display local-user
display port
display users
display vlan
display web
display mac-address
display snmp-agent community

Password setting:

super password level 3 simple 123
ssh user username service-type stelnet authentication-type { password | { any | password-publickey | publickey } assign publickey keyname }
Privilege note: 0-VISIT, 1-MONITOR, 2-SYSTEM, 3-MANAGE

User Setup:

local-user admin
service-type telnet level 3
password simple admin

Interface setup:

interface Vlan-interface 1
ip address

Turning the web server on and off:

ip http shutdown
undo ip http shutdown

Example configuration of a managed VLAN:

vlan 207
management-vlan 207
interface vlan-interface 207
ip address

Default route:

ip route-static

Port Setup:

switcport mode trunk
switcport allowed vlan 25,26
switcport trunk native vlan 226

Loop protection:

display interface loopback interface_number
interface loopback interface_number
undo interface loopback interface_number

SNMP setup:

undo snmp-agent
snmp-agent community

Saving settings:

save safely


reset saved-configuration

See also my article:
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