High CPU usage on BDCOM P3608

One day I noticed that on some BDCOM P3608 and P3608B CPU usage is higher than on the others.

I looked at the firmware version on one of the OLTs:

show version
BDCOM(tm) P3608-2TE Software, Version 10.1.0E Build 46085
Copyright by Shanghai Baud Data Communication CO. LTD.
Compiled: 2017-9-15 15:20:39 by SYS, Image text-base: 0x10000
ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 0.4.5, Serial num:xxx
System image file is "Switch.bin"
hardware version:V1.0
(RISC) processor with 262144K bytes of memory, 32768K bytes of flash
Base ethernet MAC Address: 84:79:73:xx:xx:xx
PCB version:A

Since the firmware versions were very old, I updated them on these OLTs, see how I did it in my articles:
BDCOM P3608B Firmware Update
Firmware update BDCOM P36xx EPON OLT

For example, I took a screenshot of the CPU load graph of one of the most loaded BDCOM P3608, which has an average of 55 online ONUs on each of the 8 ports:

As you can see, after updating the firmware, the CPU load decreased from 25% to 15% and the jumps disappeared, a similar picture was observed both on the BDCOM P3608 and on the P3608B, on other OLTs that already had more recent software versions, I did not find a similar problem.
PS: The SNMP polling interval is once every 2 minutes for CPU loading and 5 minutes for other data, there are about 30 items in total, that is, SNMP could not load the OLT.

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