How to disable advertising messages from Kyivstar

Once I got tired of receiving advertising SMS messages from Kyivstar, and since there is no information on how to manually disable them on the official website, I wrote to technical support in the chat:

– Hello. I want to disable advertising messages from Kyivstar

– If you want to disable informational and advertising messages from Kyivstar, ask the online operator a question.
If you receive unwanted messages from other providers, please contact the contact number provided in the message or the website of that provider.

– +380 …

– Checking for free operators in the chat.
Please wait for the operator to connect.

I waited for about 20 minutes and finally the operator appeared:

– Іlona (operator): For verification, please provide ICC – the serial number of your SIM card (19 digits on the back of the SIM card).

– now
and if there is a SIM card? there is a barcode
this is it? I do not want to take out the sim card

– Ilona (operator): There you can also see the serial number of the SIM card. It has 19 digits.
want to block: 1) Tariff plans and promotions (personal offers from Kyivstar) – 2) Services (Package services, Beacon) – 3) Internet products and services (MB packages and others) – 4) Multimedia (Digingle, games, music, mobile payments, etc.) – 5) Multimedia: advertising from short numbers (CPA), SMS about the VEON application – 6) Service. Service and customer support services – 7) Individual informational SMS (application status, receiving settings, etc.) – 8) Finding children
Ilona (operator): Please select from the list below which mailings you

– can I do everything except 6 and 7?

– Ilona (operator): Yes, the application has been submitted. It will be completed within 24 hours.

– Thank you

After that, advertising SMS from Kyivstar stopped coming.

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