How to enable Web Server on Ubiquiti via SSH

Once they asked me to remotely check the Ubiquiti NanoStation M2, in which the web interface did not open either via http or https, it was assumed that it was disabled in the settings.
The device itself responded to ping.
By SSH, too, it turned out to connect.

First of all, I looked at the parameters prescribed by http in the configuration file with the command:

cat /tmp/system.cfg | grep http

Oddly enough, httpd was turned on, but there was no line “httpd.port=80”, adding it and applying it, the web-interface worked.

How to edit the configuration file can be found in my other article:
Ubiquiti SSH Management

I will give just in case a list of standard httpd strings with the web interface turned on:


The web interface can also be enabled with a special command:


If the command above does not work, you can change httpd.status=disabled to httpd.status=enabled manually in the configuration file or with the commands:

sed -e 's/httpd\.status=.*/httpd.status=enabled/' -i /tmp/system.cfg
cfgmtd -w -f /tmp/system.cfg

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