How to fix error “Table ‘name’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed”

Once in the FreeRADIUS logs I noticed a MySQL error:

Table ‘./radius/radacct’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

As it turned out, the radacct table was damaged, since the data there were not particularly important, then the entire table was cleaned.
You can clean up via phpMyAdmin or SQL query:

truncate table TableName

A bit later for the experiment I decided to break the whole database, took another large table in general from another application, about 8 gigabytes in size and 80 million lines.
I applied to it SQL query to clean up old rows before the date specified in the query and rebooted at that moment MySQL, the request was interrupted, the database was left intact, executed the request to optimize the database and again rebooted MySQL, eventually got a corrupted database and a similar error:

#144 – Table ‘name’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

To restore the database, you must stop the MySQL server (if the table is not used, then you can not stop it):

sudo service mysql stop

Let’s move to the directory with the database:

cd /var/lib/mysql/$DATABASE_NAME

Execute the command to restore the specified table:

myisamchk -r -o -f -v $TABLE_NAME

Upon completion, if you stopped the MySQL server, then run it:

sudo service mysql start

Similarly, on the test, also to speed up the process, the table was restored by copying it to another more powerful server, namely three files /var/lib/mysql/$DATABASE_NAME/ ($TABLE_NAME.MYD, $TABLE_NAME.MYI, $TABLE_NAME.frm).

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