How to increase the number of recent events in the Zabbix panel

I noticed that the Zabbix panel displays a maximum of 20 recent events, and the rest should be viewed in groups of network nodes.

To increase the number of recent events displayed, open the file ../zabbix/include/ in any editor, for example, in nano:

sudo nano /usr/share/zabbix/include/

and approximately on line 537 we find the following:


Let’s change the number 20 to 150, for example, and save the changes, then 150 recent events will be displayed in the Zabbix panel.

By the way, in the nano editor, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W is used for searching, Ctrl+O and Enter to save, and Ctrl+X to exit.

I note that in new versions of Zabbix, for example, to display the latest 500 events, you need to change:

define('ZBX_MAX_WIDGET_LINES', 500);

In new versions of Zabbix, you can increase the number of graphs displayed on the page:

define('ZBX_MAX_GRAPHS_PER_PAGE', 20);

In order not to forget after updating Zabbix, to re-make changes to the file, you can make a trigger as I wrote in the article:
Tracking file changes via Zabbix

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