How to move contacts from Gmail to iCloud

Once asked to transfer contacts from your Google account to iCloud.

I will describe by points my actions:

1) The first thing that needs to be done is to open Gmail ( through the browser and select “Contacts” at the top.

2) At the bottom left click “More” and “Export”, you will be asked to “GO TO THE FORMER VERSION OF CONTACTS”, which we will do.

3) At the top again press the button “More” and “Export …”.

4) We put dots in front of “All contacts” and “vCard (for import into Apple’s address book or another application)”.

5) Click “Export”, after which the download of the contacts.vcf file should begin.

6) Now open the and go to the “Contacts”.

7) Click on the gear in the lower left corner, select the “Import vCard …” option and in the window that opens, point to the previously downloaded file contacts.vcf.

Done, now contacts are imported and should appear on all devices automatically.

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