How to remove statistics from the main page phpBB

To remove statistics from the main page of the phpBB forum, comment out certain lines in the template file of the theme used.
Go to the template folder and open the file index_body.html in a text or html editor.
We find the following lines:

<p>{TOTAL_POSTS} &bull; {TOTAL_TOPICS} &bull; {TOTAL_USERS} &bull; {NEWEST_USER}</p>

And comment them out:

<!-- <h3>{L_STATISTICS}</h3> -->
<!-- <p>{TOTAL_POSTS} &bull; {TOTAL_TOPICS} &bull; {TOTAL_USERS} &bull; {NEWEST_USER}</p> -->

After the changes in the files, you must clear the cache through the control panel or manually.

The list of users online, the legend of moderators and administrators, birthdays can be disabled in the control panel of the forum: “Home” -> “Server load“.

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