OID and MIB list for Arris Cadant C3

I’ll list a few oid below and briefly describe them.
Check the response to oid and mib in linux for example with the following command:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .

Connected modems (dcxUsStatsRegComplete) .

Upstream Indexes: .
Network Interface Status .
Description of network interfaces .
Network Interface Name .

SignalNoise upstream (docsIfSigQSignalNoise) .
SignalNoiseSNR upstream (docsIfSigQSignalNoiseSNR) .

Mibs for upstream power-level:

Number of modems on the upstream:

(dcxUsStatsOther) .
(dcxUsStatsRanging) .
(dcxUsStatsRngAborted) .
(dcxUsStatsRngComplete) .
(dcxUsStatsIpComplete) .
(dcxUsStatsAccessDenied) .

(UpstreamNum) .
(dcxUsStatsAvgUtil) .
(dcxUsStatsAvgContSlots) .
(docsIfSigQUnerroreds) .
(docsIfSigQCorrecteds) .
(docsIfSigQUncorrectables) .
(dcxUsStatsNumActiveUGS) .
(dcxUsStatsAvgUGSLastOneHour) .
(dcxUsStatsMaxUGSLastFiveMins) .

See also:
SNMP OID and MIB for interfaces

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