Asterisk warning “leave_voicemail: No more messages possible”

I noticed the following error on one of the servers:

WARNING[21992][C-00000b27]: app_voicemail.c:6559 leave_voicemail: No more messages possible

It turned out that the mailbox was full of voice messages and they ceased to exist, in response the caller was informed “The subscriber’s voice box is full”.

To solve this problem there are several options:

1) Delete the messages in the voice mailbox by calling the voice mail number.

2) Increase the value of maxmsg in the voicemail.conf file, thereby increasing the maximum number of messages in the mailbox, but again it may be full. After the changes in the voicemail.conf file, you need to apply them:

sudo asterisk -rvv
voicemail reload

3) In the context of the voice mailbox, add delete=yes, for example:

207 => 1111,Username,,,attach=yes|tz=ua|delete=yes

In this case, voice messages will be sent to e-mail, and they will be immediately deleted from the server, that is, they can not be listened to by calling to the voice mail number and accordingly the mailbox will never be full. I consider this option the best.

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