How to transfer a file via XMODEM using Minicom

Run minicom and first connect to the device, execute the command to transfer/receive the file. It is also desirable to specify the data transfer rate of 115200 before the transfer to the device and in minicom to speed up the process otherwise if the speed is 9600, you will have to wait a long time. In minicom, the speed is selected by pressing Ctrl+A O and selecting “setting the serial port”, then the “E” key and again “E”.

After this, we will open the minicom configuration window with the Ctrl+A O shortcut and select the directories and files, specify the directories for receiving and sending files (where to save and where the files that need to be sent are stored), we’ll exit the settings.

Further by the key combination Ctrl+A Z open the list of commands and press the “S” key to send the file to the device.
In the next window, we indicate xmodem and with a space select the file to be transferred, by pressing “Enter”, we will start the transfer process.

It remains to wait until the process is completed. The screen should display how much data has been transferred. Typically, a file of 5 megabytes at a speed of 115200 is transferred for about 5 minutes.

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  1. Great info!!! thanks!! it works like a charm after hours trying with cu stty and other alternatives!

    thanks for the post!