How to upgrade the firmware on D-Link DI-804HV

To update the firmware of the router D-Link DI-804HV, perform the following necessary steps:

1) Let’s see the revision on the label under the router and download the new firmware from the official site for it
Updating the firmware of the router for the wrong revision can lead to its failure.

2) Open the settings of the router by typing in the browser its address, for example or and enter login/password (can be “user” without password).

3) In the opened interface at the top, open the “Tools” tab, on the left of the menu, select “Firmware“. The current page will show the current version of the firmware, if it is older, then click “Browse” and select the previously downloaded new firmware file, then click “Apply” to start the process updates.

We will wait for the update to complete, usually 2-5 minutes. When finished, the router will reboot.


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