How to upgrade the router firmware

To upgrade the firmware of the router, you need to disconnect all unnecessary cables, leaving only the power and patchcad connected to one of the LAN ports and computer. In most cases, updating via Wi-Fi is not recommended! Then type in the browser address or, thereby opening its web-interface. The address may be different, you can find it by looking at the IP address of the gateway in the network settings.

In the window that opens, type in the login and password of the administrator, usually admin admin is usually standard. Find the menu item “Firmware update”. On the page there may be a link to the download page of the latest software version, if there is no link, you need to download it yourself from the manufacturer’s website Carefully check the model, the router version, the firmware version, since the same router model can use different software versions and having the wrong firmware, it can no longer turn on.

Several links to manufacturers’ sites:
D-Link –,
Linksys –
3COM –

It is recommended to flash the router when it is connected to an uninterruptible power supply so that during the firmware update the power supply is not lost, if the power supply is lost during the firmware update, then the router will most likely have to be restored, that is, updated via TFTP or programmer, dropping out the memory chip.
It is also desirable, after updating the firmware, to reset the settings of the router via the menu or the “Reset” button, in order to avoid incompatibility with the settings file created by the old firmware.

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