Firmware Update and Recovery of Asus RT-N10 Router

The official page for downloading firmware and utilities for recovery –

Direct links:

To update the firmware through the web interface, you need to open “Administration” – “Firmware Update”, select the new firmware file and click the “Submit” button. Wait until the operation is completed and in no case do not turn off the power of the router.
The new firmware must be necessarily under the version of the router, you can see it on the label under the router (for example, VER.B1, VER.С1, etc.). Flashing the wrong version can ruin the router.
On the test after flashing the RT-N10 C1 remotely, the settings were not reset to the factory settings.

If you do not see a menu on the left when entering the router settings via the web interface, it is sometimes treated by resetting the settings to the factory default with the reset button.
To reset the settings to the factory settings, you must press and hold the reset button until the power indicator flashes or goes out. Standard login and password – admin. The standard IP address is

To restore the firmware, use the Firmware Restoration utility from the disk that comes with the router, you can also download it from the official site.
To start recovery you need:
1) Register the computer with a static IP address, for example, with a subnet mask of, connect to one of the four LAN ports of the router.
2) Turn off the power of the router, press the reset button and hold it to turn on the power, the button must be held for about 15 seconds.
3) Run the Firmware Restoration utility, select the firmware file and load it into the router.

Is done.

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