Huawei Quidway S2300 firmware upgrade via BOOTROM MENU

I will give an example of updating the firmware of the Huawei Quidway S2326TP-EI switch via BOOTROM MENU.

Connect to the switch console, standard speed 9600.
When you turn on the switch, immediately press the Ctrl + B key combination to enter the BOOTROM MENU.
Enter the switch password, usually:


Next, choose the number 2 “2. Enter serial submenu”
and change the data transfer rate to quickly download the firmware by pressing the numbers as shown below:
“3. Modify serial interface parameter”
“5. 115200”
Reconnect to the console already at a speed of 115200.

Now we’ll start downloading the file by pressing 2 “2. Download file to Flash through serial interface” and we’ll start the file transfer via XMODEM. In Windows, you can transfer, for example, using ExtraPuTTY (at the top of the menu, click “File Transfer” – “Xmodem” – “Send”).
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From the archive with the official firmware, I only flashed the file and the file for the web interface, then with my configuration file, changing the IP address to it in advance.

When the file is uploaded to the switch, if necessary, we indicate with what name to save it.
Then we specify it as the main one when loading, for this, in the main menu, press the number 3, thereby selecting “3. Enter startup submenu”) and 2 “2. Modify startup configuration”.
Answering the questions in the Flash startup file we specify the name of our downloaded firmware file, where we don’t need to change anything – just press Enter, where we need to clear it – put a period.
If necessary, specify the name of the configuration file.

To complete the process, go back to the main menu by pressing the number 3 “3. Return to main menu” and press 7 “7. Reboot” to reboot the switch, after which it should start with new firmware.
I noticed that if you need to download several files, then for some reason the switch saved the following files under one name and suggested overwriting instead of prompting to enter the name manually, as an option came out of the situation by rebooting the switch after downloading each file.

Is done.

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