Installing and using fcrackzip on Linux

fcrackzip is a program for recovering passwords from zip archives.

Ubuntu installation command:

sudo apt-get install fcrackzip

Launch Example:

fcrackzip -b -v -u

I will describe some startup keys:

-h, –help (display help)
–version (display program version)
-l, –length (minimum and maximum password length)
-p, –init-password (specify the password pattern, for example, -p aaaa1 means that the password consists of 4 letters and a digit at the end)
-v, –verbose (verbose mode)
-u, –use-unzip (using the unzip command to verify passwords)
-D, –dictionary (using a dictionary)
-b, –brute-force (direct enumeration of passwords)
-B, –benchmark (perform a small test)
-c, –charset characterset (specify what the password consists of, for example -c 1 means that it is made up of numbers, -c a letters, -c Aa1! capital and small letters, numbers and symbols)

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