Installing and using ifstat on Linux

ifstat is a program for collecting statistics on network interface load.

Installation in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install ifstat


sudo ifstat

I will describe some startup keys:
-h (quick reference)
-q (quiet mode, less information is displayed)
-b (display in kbps, not kbytes/sec)
-t (add time at the beginning of each line)
-T (total bandwidth for all monitored interfaces)
-w (fixed column width)
-W (shorten lines that are longer than the terminal width)
-n (do not display headers)
-v (view version)
-S (data is updated on the same line if possible, instead of scrolling)
-z (hide unused interfaces with zero counters)
-a (monitor all interfaces)
-i (specify a list of interfaces for monitoring, separated by commas)
-s (remote interface polling via SNMP)
-l (also monitor loopback interfaces that are not monitored by default)
-A (disable interface index usage (snmp, ifmib))

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