Installing and using john on Linux

John the Ripper is a program for recovering passwords from their hashes.

The program installation command in Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install john

Here is an example of john running to guess passwords at random (the longest method):

john file.txt

Where file.txt is a file with a password hash in the form of login:hash, if there are several passwords, then they can be written in a column.

An example of a simple launch, to select a password similar to login:

john -single file.txt

An example of john running to select a password using 26 characters (from “a” to “z”):

john -i:alpha file.txt

You can specify: alpha – only letters, digits – only numbers, lanman – letters, numbers and some characters, all – all.

Dictionary search (where list.txt is a file with a password dictionary):

john -w:list.txt file.txt

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