Installing Eclipse in Ubuntu

Eclipse – the environment for developing modular cross-platform applications.

I’ll describe the procedure for installing Eclipse in Ubuntu:

1) Install Java via the Application Center in Ubuntu by typing “OpenJDK Java 7” or by link apt://openjdk-7-jre

2) Download the required Eclipse from the official site

3) Unpack the downloaded archive from Eclipse to the /opt/ directory.
Operations can be performed in the terminal, the terminal is opened by the key combination Ctrl+Alt+T.
For example, go to the root user rights, go to the /opt/ directory, download the archive, unpack it:

sudo -i
cd /opt/
wget http://LINK_TO_ARCHIVE
sudo tar -zxvf eclipse-*.tar.gz

4) The last step is to add an Eclipse launch label via the terminal.
For example, through the nano editor (Ctrl+X to exit and y/n to save or cancel):

nano /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

The contents of the eclipse.desktop startup shortcut:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse 4
Comment=Integrated Development Environment

Done, Eclipse can be run through the created shortcut.

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