Intel 700 Series Network Adapters Firmware Update

For example, I will update the firmware in the Intel XL710-QDA1 network adapter from version 6.01 (6.01) to 8.21 (8.15).

I installed the network adapter in an HPE DL380 Gen8 server running Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Immediately switched to the root user:

sudo -i

I downloaded the archive with the new firmware version and the update script from the official website:

I unpacked the downloaded archive:

tar -zxvf 700Series_NVMUpdatePackage_v8_15_Linux.tar.gz

Launched the update script:

cd 700Series/Linux_x64

The screen displayed the following:

Intel(R) Ethernet NVM Update Tool
NVMUpdate version
Copyright (C) 2013 - 2020 Intel Corporation.

WARNING: To avoid damage to your device, do not stop the update or reboot or power off the system during this update.
Inventory in progress. Please wait [***.......]

Num Description                          Ver.(hex)  DevId S:B    Status
=== ================================== ============ ===== ====== ==============
01) Intel(R) Ethernet Converged         6.01(6.01)   1584 00:007 Update        
    Network Adapter XL710-Q1                                     available

Options: Adapter Index List (comma-separated), [A]ll, e[X]it

The update script offered to indicate in which network adapter you need to update the firmware or select all, well, in my case, only one network adapter was installed and I indicated “A”, and also agreed to create a backup copy of the installed firmware:

Enter selection: A         
Would you like to back up the NVM images? [Y]es/[N]o: Y
Update in progress. This operation may take several minutes.

Num Description                          Ver.(hex)  DevId S:B    Status
=== ================================== ============ ===== ====== ==============
01) Intel(R) Ethernet Converged         8.21(8.15)   1584 00:007 Update        
    Network Adapter XL710-Q1                                     successful

Reboot is required to complete the update process.

Tool execution completed with the following status: All operations completed successfully.
Press any key to exit.

After successfully updating the firmware on the Intel XL710-QDA1 network adapter, I rebooted the server:


I updated the firmware in the original network adapters (there was a sticker with a qr code) and in Chinese, I have not noticed a difference in the work of network adapters.

See how I did it in the video:

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  1. Please do _not_ use “sudo su”. This is such a common mistake. Either use “sudo -i” or plain “su -“.