Intel i40e driver update

For example, I will take an Intel XL710-QDA1 QSFP+ network adapter and a couple more with an Intel chip, for example, HPE 562SFP+, I will install them in an HPE DL380 Gen10 server running Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Switch to root user:

sudo su

Install the necessary components before updating the driver:

apt install make gcc

Let’s see the current driver version:

lsmod | grep i40e
modinfo i40e | grep ver
ethtool -i ens2

Then I looked to see if there is a new driver version on the official website:
At the time of this writing, the newest version is 2.13.10, which is newer than the one installed by default in Ubuntu Server 18.04.

Then I downloaded the archive with the driver and unpacked it:

tar -zxvf i40e-2.13.10.tar.gz

I also recommend looking at the official instructions:

less i40e-2.13.10/README

Let’s go to the src directory, which is in the folder with the driver:

cd i40e-2.13.10/src

And install the driver:

make install

Unload and load the new driver:

rmmod i40e; modprobe i40e
update-initramfs -u

Make sure the new driver is being used:

lsmod | grep i40e
modinfo i40e | grep ver
ethtool -i ens2

Let’s reboot the system and make sure that it starts without errors:


By the way, I used non-original 5m DAC cables stitched for Intel, and also executed the commands below on the Cisco Nexus switch, without them the link did not up:

interface Ethernet1/51
	no negotiate auto
	duplex full

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