Configuring DHCP Relay on Cisco Nexus 3064

For example, I will configure DHCPv4 Relay on Cisco N3K-C3064PQ-10GX. Initially, I configured this switch for L2, but some VLANs had to be configured as L3 and DHCPv4 Relay enabled.

Let’s connect to the switch and go to the configuration mode:

configure terminal

First of all, let’s enable feature dhcp:

feature dhcp

Let’s enable dhcp relay globally:

ip dhcp relay
ipv6 dhcp relay
service dhcp

Disable if possible like this:

no ip dhcp relay

Since I configured interface vlan (SVI) for L3 and DHCPv4 Relay on it, we will also enable the feature interface-vlan:

feature interface-vlan
show feature

Assign an IP address and enable DHCPv4 Relay on it:

interface Vlan220
 ip address
 no shutdown
 ip dhcp relay address

And we will indicate the default route for the rest of the L3 traffic:

ip route

DHCPv4 Relay can also be configured for ethernet:

interface ethernet 1/1
 ip dhcp relay address use-vrf default

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