Juniper. How to clear Alarm Host 0 fxp0 : Ethernet Link Down

One day while configuring the Juniper MX204, I noticed that the Alarm indicator on the front panel was lit red, and looking at the list of alarms, I found the following:

show system alarms
2 alarms currently active
Alarm time               Class  Description
2022-09-18 18:52:36 EEST Major  Host 0 fxp0 : Ethernet Link Down
2022-09-18 18:51:36 EEST Major  Management Ethernet Links Down

Since on this Juniper, the management port did not need to be used, I turned off the alarm if there was no link on it:

set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore

And applied the config changes:


After the commit command, after about 10 seconds, these alarms disappeared:

run show system alarms
No alarms currently active

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