Solution channel-group command failed: port not compatible Duplex Mode

Once on Cisco Nexus I met errors of this type:

 interface Ethernet1/47 channel-group 3 mode active
command failed: port not compatible [Duplex Mode]

Usually the error occurs due to different port and interface port-channel parameters, I added the port to the already created interface port-channel and the “duplex full” parameter was not specified everywhere. You need to either configure the ports in the same way, or remove unnecessary parameters on the ports, and then point them to the interface port-channel and the changes will be applied to all ports that are in this port-channel. You can also delete the new interface port-channel, and when you run the channel-group X command, it will be automatically created. You can also add “force” to the command to change mismatched port settings, for example:

channel-group 3 force mode active

You can view the port settings with the following commands:

show port-channel compatibility-parameters
show running-config interface Ethernet 1/47-48
show running-config interface port-channel 3

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