LACP Link Aggregation on Cisco Nexus 3064

I will give an example of configuring LAG (LACP) on a Cisco Nexus 3064.

First of all, let’s enable the feature lacp:

feature lacp

At the time of writing, I needed to configure LACP (LAG) between Cisco Nexus 3064 and Cisco Nexus 3048TP in order to expand UPLINK to 20 Gb/s.
I added ports to port-channel:

interface Ethernet1/43-44
speed 10000
no negotiate auto
duplex full
channel-group 1 mode active

And then I configured the port-channel itself:

interface port-channel 1
description LAG1_UPLINK
switchport access vlan 2

This completes the LACP configuration on the Cisco Nexus 3064, similarly you can configure on other Cisco Nexus switches.
Let’s save the configuration:

copy running-config startup-config

Make sure that “Input flow-control is off, output flow-control is off” (by default it turns off automatically):

show interface Ethernet1/43-44
show interface port-channel 1

Otherwise, turn it off so that later delays and traffic limitation do not appear:

no flowcontrol receive
no flowcontrol send

I will give an example of viewing various information and statistics:

show lacp port-channel
show lacp counters
show lacp internal info
show lacp internal mem-stats
show lacp internal event-history ?
show lacp internal event-history errors
show lacp internal event-history interface ethernet 1/48
show logging | include 1/48
show logging | include port-channel

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